Man proposes to lady on hospital bed after tragic accident

“I know this is not the time and place, but will you marry me?”; such
were the words of Jamie Rohrs to his girlfriend Patricia Legarretta at a
hospital in Aurora Colorado.
(Awww, so sweet!)
The couple had survived a shooting that
took place at a movie theater during a midnight premiere of The Dark
Knight Rises on Saturday.

“He just looked at me and he said, ‘I know this is not the time and
place, but will you marry me?’ And I said, ‘Yes,’” Legarreta told CNN
host Piers Morgan. “Going through 10 minutes of thinking he was dead and
I would never see him again, you never want that feeling again.”

Speaking on the shooting she said “There was a moment where the
shooting stopped and I saw people running and at that moment I just
grabbed the baby and I just grabbed my daughter and got her out as fast
as I could. I was just thinking we’ve just got to get out…”
I go love oh!


Photo: Guy shines in color riot…


Who says women are the only ones that can combine colors...lolz...check out this bobo in his 'Indescribable' color bloc...even the umbrella sef, na to match!


Micheal Jackson’s mum is Missing!!!

Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson and
guardian of his three children, who was reported missing on Saturday has
been found. She is presently with a family member in Arizona,
authorities said late Sunday, one day after another relative reported
her missing.

Katherine Jackson is with her daughter
Rebbie in Arizona, following a doctor's orders to "de-stress" and stay
away from the phone and computers, her son Jermaine Jackson said in a
statement late Sunday.

 My previous report:
82 years old Madam Katherine Jackson, mother of late pop star, Michael
Jackson, was reported missing to authorities on Saturday night.
family’s lawyer believed she went missing while travelling with Rebbie
Jackson, her daughter.


Usher’s 11 year old son dies…

Singer Usher Raymond’s step son, Kile Glover,
died on Saturday, after more than two weeks in the hospital following a
boating accident on a Georgia lake.

Kile suffered a serious head injury and was flown by helicopter to Children’s Healthcare at Egleston in Atlanta.

He died of heart failure Saturday, the sources said, disputing other reports that the child was taken off life support.

The boy’s mother, Tameka Raymond, was married to Usher for two years.
They have two children together, ages 3 and 4. They divorced in 2009.

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