Hehehe# Mermaids (Mammywaters) do not exist – Researchers

question as to whether mermaids are real or not was recently put to
rest as a U.S. scientific agency confirmed that the sea creatures do not

Sorry folks, it’s just a costume

 The National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration stated plainly that there is no evidence that
the half-human, half-fish beings are a genuine living species.

The agency said on its website: ‘Mermaids –
those half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea – are legendary sea
creatures chronicled in maritime cultures since time immemorial.’
Lolz! Let them come to Naija…they will see that the mermaids really exist. The likes of Yemoja and co…they wud show them pepper…hehehe#  All these oyinbo people and their ‘weird’ research sef!


Kemisola Adeyemi

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