Guys- How to show her you love her

What pushed me to come up with this was when a friend asked me “Kemi, I need your help…my girlfriend keeps telling me to expres myself freely yet I often tell her I love her…how else do I show her I love her?”

 Guys, let me tell you a secret that will have that special lady in
your life falling all over you. Are you ready? Show her that you love
her. Now, wasn’t that easy? Notice that I didn’t say “tell” her you love
her. There’s a reason
. Let’s face it, guys, saying “I love you” and
showing that you love her are two completely different things.


Women know the difference between words and actions. While you may
think that saying “I love you” every so often means that you’re racking
up points, unless you back it up with actions, she’ll start to realize
your words are just empty and hollow.

the love in a relationship is the most important idea. Without love
there really isn’t a relationship at all. So, you must remember to show
her that you love her…

Little Ways to Show Your Love:
  1. Write a love poem/get her a lovely rose and leave it where she least expects to see it. It doesn’t have to be a
    wonderful work of art. Even a quick variation on “Roses are red” will
    mean a lot.
  2. Surprise her with a small gift- A just because I love your gift. Maybe the CD or book she’s had her eye on.
  3. Do
    something she normally does- Wash dishes, wash the clothes, anything
    she normally does even if you don’t like doing the task.
  4. Schedule
    alone time just you and her- Movie and a dinner. Make it a date. Or time
    at the park alone. Something simple that you two can do together.
  5.  Surprise her for lunch. Show up to work and “kidnap” her for lunch. Take
    her to a favorite restaurant or just pack a picnic lunch and go to the
  6. Turn
    down something you want to do in order to spend time with her- Tell you
    buddies you’ll play hockey next weekend because you want to spend time
    with her. 
  7.  Make something for her- Go out to the shed and make
    her something special, even if it’s not perfect, it’ll show her you love
    her and thought about her.
  8. Just be yourself and come with something creative *winks*
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Kemisola Ade

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]

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