Funke Akindele Oloyede to Start TV Programme on HIV/AIDS

Funke Akindele aka Jenifa in a bid to campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDS, is set to start a TV programme.

Actress Funke Akindele who won African Movie Academy Award for Best
Actress in a Leading role (2009) and Married to Alhaji Kehinde Almaroof with no
children yet, talked about her friend who lived and died of AIDS. In her words she said: ‘I have a friend who had HIV/AIDS
and died of it. The person couldn’t open up because of the fear of
stigmatisation. If the person had opened up in time, we might have been
able to save her life’.

Good job Funke!

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White Church bans BLACK couple from getting married

A white
church turned away a couple, just a day before their 'supposed' wedding
because they are black.

The couple

 Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson, from Jackson, Mississippi, had already sent out invitations for their wedding at the predominantly white First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs.
a day before their nuptials, Pastor Stan Weatherford told the couple
some church members were opposed to the wedding, which would have been
the first between a black couple at the church.

There has never been a black wedding at the First Baptist Church in
Crystal Springs, Miss., since its founding in 1883. According to Pastor
Stan Weatherford, some...


Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Love

Love is sweet oh…Kanye West so
loves Kim Kardashian to the extent that she’s the only person he follows on
 He doesn’t even follow his best friend, Jay-Z. 
(He is probably following her to monitor her tweets...)


Why Kristen Stewart cheated on Rob Pattinson

 The society
is partly to be blamed for what is happening now between Kristen and Rob. After
both acted Twilight Saga, pressure was mounted on them by their fans to become
lovers. At a point a fan opened a facebook page asking other fans to join if
they're in support of the two becoming lovers.

Rob gradually fell deep in love, I don't know about Kristen,
maybe she pretended to be in love just because she feels sorry for Rob.

Here is what celebrity relationship expert Dr Gilda Carle has claimed:
  Kristen Stewart's dangerous
liaison with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders could have

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