Diary: My pathetic love story…

those of you who don’t know me, my name is Smith. I’m that guy in
your neighborhood that you never knew existed till today. I’m the loner. I
have a few friends, mostly girls. I’m
good-looking and measure up to the social status tagged “shy”.
experienced a lot in life. The only experience I’ve not had is a love
experience. I’ve never really had a
love story….okay, until recently.
She had grown from being my classmate to being my friend. I had
heard that the most dangerous place for a girl to put you is in the friend zone. Don’t ask where I
heard that from. Overtime, I grew emotions for this girl, Tina.
Really uncontrollable emotions! I spent more time with her
than I did with anyone else. Funny enough, she seemed to enjoy every
bit of it. 
 Strangely, though, whenever we came back from
an outing she would re-iterate how glad she was that she had me as a
friend. “FRIEND??? don’t I just
hate the friend zone?
I couldn’t get myself to tell her that her childhood
friend had fallen in love with her. Everyday, I woke up and faced the mirror,
rehearsing love lines. If Tina lived in my mirror, she would wake up to my
incessant rantings and ravings about how my world changed since the day I first
met her. If Tina were my mirror, she would sleep to the melodious love
songs I played on my laptop. I recall a day when I had
rehearsed for about 30 mins, I got angry with myself and decided to
take that “leap of faith”. I walked over to her house, stormed the
door and shouted
“Tina, there’s
something i’ve been … she swiftly interrupted me,”hey!
Smith, I was just thinking about u. come over here, will u?”
“which of these dresses would u love to see me appear in?”. She
unpacked a few dresses and the discussions and debates about the dresses
continued. Finally, I asked why she was so particular about her
dress. Her reply “lets just say that I have a business meeting with this
guy called Adetayo Sogunle”. “okay…” I retorted. I
think I whispered aloud after that, but I am not quite sure of what I said anymore. Let’s cut this story short, shall we?On this lazy Saturday, I roamed about in the shopping mall, filling my eyes with the vanity of men. I remember saying to myself, “uh oh! who can afford these?” Right from the second floor, I looked down and YES, it was Tina. Sure as ever, I ran down the stairs, all the while thinking to myself, “this is ur last chance boy, don’t mess this up”. It seemes like ages befroe I got down to the ground floor. On arrival, my eyes pierced through the crowd as though they would literally pull out of their sockets to aid in the search for Tina. Yes! There was Tina, she was…Oh my God..she was in an embrace with this dark and huge guy. The kind of embrace I had always wanted from her. I shrugged and walked over to her back, tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Hi”. She turned around and with a gracious smile said, “Hey! Smith, meet my fiance, Adetayo Sogunle”. I woke up on the hospital bed, with Adetayo by my side. He said in a very calm voice, “I understand, but I’ll like us to be friends”. I passed out again. 

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Kemisola Adeyemi

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of KemiFilaniBlog. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday!Email: [email protected]

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