Acceptable Nigerian Gbagauns…hehehehe!

Today on Twitter, the topic of discussion was “AcceptableNigerianGbagauns” and the floor was thrown open by Cool Fm. What are the common Nigerian GBAGAUNS that you often hear…lolz!

Here are some of the popular Gbagauns (In case you are one of those who ndulge in the use of such words/sentence, abeg stop it oh, lolz):
1. Can U hear the smell…
2. I will injure you
3. They have taken the light
4. Please ‘dress’ for me, I want to sit down
5. Let me come and be going
6. My phone is ‘on-ing’ and ‘off-ing’
7. Give me 3 pure water
8. I carried my car to the mechanic
9. I hate climbing Okada/I hate entering Okada
10.  Face your front Jor
11. I am feeling hungry
13. If I hear… (hear what o)
14. This movie is very sweet oh
15. check here

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Yoruba Movies…Hehehehe!

If the movie producers can not afford a good subtitle, must they go for a poor one? Laff wan kill me finish...After two mouth ko, after two months ni..Smh!


Man proposes to lady on hospital bed after tragic accident

“I know this is not the time and place, but will you marry me?”; such
were the words of Jamie Rohrs to his girlfriend Patricia Legarretta at a
hospital in Aurora Colorado.
(Awww, so sweet!)
The couple had survived a shooting that
took place at a movie theater during a midnight premiere of The Dark
Knight Rises on Saturday.

“He just looked at me and he said, ‘I know this is not the time and
place, but will you marry me?’ And I said, ‘Yes,’” Legarreta told CNN
host Piers Morgan. “Going through 10 minutes of thinking he was dead and
I would never see him again, you never want that feeling again.”

Speaking on the shooting she said “There was a moment...


Photo: Guy shines in color riot…


Who says women are the only ones that can combine colors...lolz...check out this bobo in his 'Indescribable' color bloc...even the umbrella sef, na to match!

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