When not to expect a second date! Gbam#

Today on twitter, the topic of discussion was on WhenNot2Expecta2ndDate.

Basically, I found it hilarious as people dropped in their various opinions but it was kinda educating in a way. For those of that would be going on a first date (first dates), be very careful, cos it either makes or mars your relationship with ur date. I previously published something on first date tips,here but today’s discussion was a great eye opener.

So, ladies/guys/everyybody, don’t expect a second date:

  1. if during d first date u kept on talking about ur ex boyfriend
  2. if you are telling ur supposed date about when your BIS will expire” lolz
  3. if all u spoke about was ur “awesomeness”
  4. if u can’t use the words “PLEASE AND THANK YOU”
  5. It’s Plain And Simple, if u were too boring for ur supposed date on d first date
  6. if u order a meal worth 20,000 naira (lolz)
  7. if you ‘stood me up’ on the first date.
  8. if u’ve got body or mouth odour..
  9. if on the first d8 u came wearing all d rainbow colours
  10. if you demanded for take-away packs after
  11. if you brought family and friends for d 1st date…
  12. the list could go on and on but u can check continue here
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