Weddings: Diary of a day-dreaming bride

My favorite part of a wedding is where the bride after having walked down the aisle gets a ‘sweet-kiss’ from the groom (the part where the pastor says, u may now kiss the bride) lol, don’t mind me, sometimes I get too romantic for my liking.

So I was seated this morning on my bed, imagining a wedding where everything is so beautiful, and both the groom and bride are so cute together. The bride’s father leads her down the aisle and hands her to the groom who gladly holds her and gives her a look of ‘I would never hurt you‘…then the pastor pronounces them as hussy n wify and says ‘u may now kiss the bride‘ but something funny happens. The groom slaps the bride instead of giving her a kiss, for no just cause…lol, the news would so sell. I can imagine how newspapers (like vanguard), bloggers (like Linda Ikeji), Yahoonews, and blah blah would blast the headline (hehehe#)!!!
The thing is, everyone wants to read such stories; such news thrill people than good news.
Anyways, back to the issue of the day. I found a very funny wedding invitation that went thus:


Honor us with your presence at our wedding
on Saturday, 7th of July 2012
            11:00 at Soul Saving Bible Church….blah blah
At 5PM, Premier Hotel…blah blah 
 Strictly by:    Invitation and No Children                                         
are Welcome)
Dress Code:      Cocktail
& Cash Bar

Why would you limit the number of atteendees at the event and yet ask them to bring their gifts…lolz! I know you are probably wondering what I am driving at but never arrive too late or too early for any wedding ceremony. It doesn’t matter that weddings usually start late, be there on time.
Arriving ridiculously early is just as rude, so kill time in a coffee
shop if you need to
 Yours sincerely, kemi filani.
Linda Ikeji is not responsible for my multi million Naira endorsement deals - Laura Ikeji boasts

Kemisola Adeyemi

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]

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