We escaped the plane crash through the kitchen – Survivor

Mrs. Chinyere Okafor, survivor, 12, Olaniyi
Street, Iju says “I was inside the house, in the sitting
room with my baby. My husband was sleeping in the bedroom. Suddenly I heard the
sound of the plane; it was too close. I looked out of the window and I saw the
plane coming towards me. I rushed to call my husband, but before I could reach
him there was a loud explosion.

The explosion brought my husband out and we
rushed towards the door.
My husband took my baby and the other child and I
But on getting to the staircase, we saw fire
everywhere; there was nowhere to go. My husband shepherded us back into the
house, towards the kitchen. We saw that the fire was not there yet. We escaped
through the kitchen. It was a close call.
Some of our neighbours were also in the house; I
learnt that two of them escaped with injuries. There was an unconfirmed report
that one was dead. I am yet to see the others.

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