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The Top 5 over-rated Nigerians!!!

In my humble opinion, here is a compilation of my Nigeria’s Top Five Most Overrated

Note: #being overrated does not
mean being terrible#.
It simply means ‘when (according to Oxford dictionary) you
are being talked about ‘far more’ than your ‘worth’.
I am not trying to compare the “best” or “worst” people in an industry but at
the most talked about (popular) people who are recognised yet not
measuring up to the price tag on them
.  No.1 goes to the President of the Association, the President
1. President Goodluck Jonathan (Lol):

 Whether you like it or not, President ‘Goodluck’ is unarguably Public Enemy No.1 in Nigeria as of today.  I still can’t believe that I was one of those who voted him into office (His sweet tongue of how he grew with no shoes triggered me into voting for him).

The fact that President Jonathan is a product of an overrated &
highly misinformed electoral campaign process and tactics, aided by
celebrities, business moguls, eminent personalities, overwhelming
misinformed youths and an amazing 78% of the voters elected him despite
presenting no articulate and clear-cut manifesto as to how he aimed to
carry out Presidential tasks
; makes him my Number 1 most
overrated person in Nigeria.
2. Prophet T.B Joshua:

 The prophet who keeps predicting and predicting and predicitng all sorts (lol). The last of his prediction was the ill-fated Dana air crash which he allegedly ‘fore-saw’ and warned Nigerians to pray over. TB Joshua is the founder of the Synagogue church of all nation; a church that has triggered lots of criticisms from Nigerians and Non.Nigerians. Recently, the prophet was banned from Cameroon because they believed he was a satanist. Well, the fact that he is always mentioned for the bad reasons makes him my Number 2 most over rated person in Naija.
3. Blogger, Linda Ikeji: (Truth be told, I love her plus I love what she does)

The fact that she engages in the use of Made-up stories (sometimes), self-appreciation-storyline concepts, GOSSIP…and intentional soliciting for public
attention via scrupulous attacks on Nigerian celebrities and
personalities puts her on this list.
4. Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh

The 2005 ‘Next Movie Star’ Nollywood actress seems to be good at
what she knows how to do best; Gorgeous
smile, eccentric body, fabulous show off of public ego, public captions
& attention-seeking stunts; name it. Back to why she is on this list; the fact that producers keep accusing
her of negligence of professional duties, her usual causing of troubles while ‘on-set’ and her jumping from one trouble to another with social network fans on Twitter puts her on this list.  She should take tutorials from much more talented industry seniors like Ramsey Nouah, Omotola Jolade-Ekehinde, Genève
Nnaji and Desmond Elliot on what the Nigerian music industry
really tastes like. Nothing against
you Tonto, we the ‘fans’ love you but please show us more talent,
creativity than body exposures and stay off cheap& unwarranted
controversy and utmost disrespect for tweeting fans
5. Musician, Wizkid:

The fact that Almost all musicians keep featuring him in their tracks is the reason why he is on this list plus he keeps getting into trouble with his tweets and female fans *winks* 
This is only an opinion but I would really love to know what you think!

Tireni Adebayo

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