Photo speak: The old and new face of Frank Edoho

children's day
Frank Edoho when he was with Radio Nigeria (metro fm)
The new Frank Edoho (anchor of mtn’s who want to be a millionaire)
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7 things guys notice about ladies on first meeting

Do you want to know what guys think of you, the very second they set their eyes on you! Most times, your first meetings with guys determine if you would be asked out or not!  winks 

“There are a few things men instantly
observe when they meet a woman,”
says Jackie Black, PhD, author of
Meeting Your Match. Learn what they
are and you can maximize your, um,

  1. If Your Smile Is Genuine

Sometimes your eyes crinkle a bit when
you grin. Most men are good at distinguishing
the vibe of this kind of smile,
which says you’re relaxed and fun to be with.

  1. Your Eyes
    People focus on eyes more than they do
    on any...

UNILAG shall remain UNILAG – High Court

UNILAG students! Hooray…you guys can now have your varsity's name (University of Lagos) back, at least for the meantime….

Justice Stephen Adah of the federal high court, Lagos today granted an
interim order restraining the Federal Government from renaming the
University of Lagos. The court ruled in the suits brought against the
renaming of the institution by the students and alumni of the
University of Lagos.
The case has been adjourned till July 4th. Thank you sir


Yoruba ladies sha: They always stand out!!!

I found an amazing discussion going on twitter about how to tell a yoruba woman from any other woman. Some of the answers people threw in got me giggling and I decided to share them with you guys.

I would want to highlight that, of all the Nigerian cultures, yorubas are the most they greet alot. They have greetings for every season, time, action, and whatever! *winks*

 You know she is a yoruba lady when:
#1.she gives u her mobile digits as "sero hate sero sis, hellefun, sisti tiry, haty fife, sefun"" (lol)

#2. she says things like himagine, hegg roll and d classic 'my number his ho hate ho......' (hehehe# h-factor)
#3. Her gele is the loudest in a party (lol)
#4. check here for more 
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