The most stupid thing you have ever done!!!

 lol# Have you ever searched for something only to realize that it was in your
hands the whole time…

We have all done stupid things before…maybe not exactly stupid things but we have all carried out some ‘funny actions’ whether consciously or unconsciouly.

Today on twitter, the on-going discussion was on ‘the most stupid thing you have ever done’ and I couldn’t help but laugh over some people’s submission.
Well, here are some of the most stupid things people have done:
1. Pretending to receive a phone call when the phone is actually not ringing (probably becos u have not received any call for hours)
2. Starring at something for a long time, without even knowing you were
3. Saying yes when you meant No and vice versa
4. Ur generator de lick fuel u come carry candle go look from where e de come
out from (I tried to interprete this in English but it was a bit hard so I left it, lolz)
5. Waking up as early as 1am and logging into a social network to CHAT
6. When you think your crush is staring at you but he/she is actually staring at the person next to you
7. Getting into a very serious relationship with someone knowing he/she is not single.
8. When you live life like a rich person, yet you are poor.
9. When you ping while crossing the road

10.  here
So, what’s the most stupid thing you have ever done?


Kemisola Adeyemi

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