The Miley Cyrus Wedding debate – Is she mature enough to get married?!!!

Hehehe#  Liam Hemstrong is really inlove with His fiancee oh! He just posted via his twitter handle that his life has been AMAZING with Miley Cyrus and added a romantic picture of them. Check HERE for the picture. In response, Miley Cyrus tweeted ‘I love being a fiancee’ *winks, check HERE
 It is no longer news that 19year old Miley cyrus who is popularly known as Hannah Montana is currently engaged to the ‘Hunger games’ movie actor, Liam Hemstrong. An engagement that has triggered lots of criticisms from fans and controversies.

The latest controversy is the discovery by Yahoonews where it was found that the out-of-the-blue commitment
could have been cause by Miley’s alleged ultimatum. According to Yahoo, Miley Cyrus was reportedly feeling so insecure about Liam’s career
sky-rocketing that she felt like she had to make him choose. So she gave him a ‘marry me or I will dump you’ option.

Cyrus is 19, Hemsworth is 22, and the couple met filming 2009’s The Last Song.
Though they’ve been together since Cyrus was 16, the actors have had an on-and-off relationship. They first announced a split in August 2010, but reunited a
month later. More recently, in November 2011, they’d broken up again
but Cyrus was on Hemsworth’s arm shortly thereafter, turning up at Hunger Games premieres around the world.

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Although Cyrus is still in her teens, her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, are “thrilled” she’s engaged. According to Billy, “They’re just so in love and so happy that they can take
things to the next level.”

 At a gossip site TMZ, a front-page poll asks “Good for
her” or “Big mistake”, with 65% so far putting the doom on the
Cyrus-Hemsworth alliance.
In my opinion, I would say she is kinda too young to get married because Marriage is not something one can just walk into. Besides, her relationship with Liam Hemsworth is kinda shaky following the number of break-ups they have both had since they began their love-affair in 2009.

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Shifting a little to other end of the argument, one could say; What does a young couple like Cyrus and Hemsworth have to gain by
waiting anyway? It’s true that they might break up – but then any couple
of any age might break up. In fact, every relationship is doomed to end
– it’s just the younger you are, the less chance death has of nabbing
you before divorce does. And even if a marriage isn’t forever, that
doesn’t mean it’s “failed” – better to have 10 happy years than to wring
miserable decades out of each other.
I wish the couple well from the very bottom of my heart but I wouldn’t be surprised if they split a few months after their wedding! What do you say?


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