How to tell if she is the one for you!

Over and over again, guys have lodged complaints on how they usually end up dating the wrong girl or someone who doesn’t love them as much as they do. Well, here’s how to know if the lady you happen to be inlove with, is the right one for you.

In a group forum on twitter today, so many people reacted to the issue ‘# by sharing their experiences and opinions. I was able to gather a few points and here they go:

You know she is the one:
1. When you hurt her over & over again but she still wants to be with you and she still loves you.

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2. When she wants 2 kick it with you instead of her friends.

3. When she stıcks wıth you through thıck and thın
4. When your mom even tells you how much happier you’ve been and that she approves.
5. If You Cried Over Her … or she has ever cried over you
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