Facebook love: They met, fell in love and Married!!!

 Meet the Okoros, the Perfect couple with an unusual and uncommon love story#
Bede Okoro signed up on Facebook in 2006, finding love (like most youths of today) was probably the
last thing on his mind. 

In 2008 he met a certain Chichi on Facebook and added as ‘friend’ and they began to chat (casual chats, winks). One thing led to another and like play-like play, they started dating online(hehehe#).

The online romance went on for 2years (wow) and they got engaged
without any physical connection (that was a risky deal, I must say).
In 2011, the ‘familiar strangers‘ decided to seal their ‘unusual’
with a beautiful wedding in Lagos.
Today, they are celebrating their one year anniversary…
 According to Bede in an interviews in Genevieve magazine, ”what attracted me to her was her intelligence…everything wasn’t perfect as we had to
work on a lot of rough edges. We still do till date”.
Here goes his advise to those of you that might be interested in soccial media dating/love
“cultivate the
habit of genuinely meeting people,
stay real and just nurture the relationship. Not all relationships
online must end in marriage; some could only lead to huge business
successes for all involved. So don’t start off an online relationship
while already staring at an assumed (imagined) final picture. It could
lead to terrible endings. Let the relationship assume the shape by
Well, all I can say is ‘wow’!!!
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