Clothes guys wish ladies would toss out!


Wardrobe items guys want ladies to throw out!!! Guys speak out: “Even though these pants may draw our attention to your backside, we can’t stand them.”
Here’s an interesting way to get rid of at least some of your stuff. How
about looking at your closet from your guy’s point of view. Here are a few things we can all feel good about getting rid of:
1. Rival Team Jerseys: Say, for example, that your guy is a Chelsea fan, you don’t need to wear a rival team jersey when you are together. It pisses some guys off

2. Heels that you cannot walk in (lol, so many ladies are so guilty of this one): A gorgeous high heel is a work of art, but let’s face it, when you can
barely walk in your shoes something is lost. Guys love a
woman who is, “confident enough to wear flats.” Interesting.

 3. Undergarments that falsely advertise: Why not get a bra that gives you a
C-cup if you’re really an A? our underpinning should be more
about subtle enhancement rather then building a structure that’s not
there. If a guy really likes you, he’s going to like the real
you — without all the padding.

4. Clothes with writings on the butt: It’s hard to imagine that this was ever a good idea but let’s be clear:
Oversized sweatpants, or even tight sweatpants, with words across the
behind have no place in your fabulous wardrobe. *winks*



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