Bomb explosion hits church in Nigeria’s Jos again!!!

One would think that the suicide bombers would repent or atleast pause for a while following last sunday’s tragic plane crash and bomb explosion at three different churches in Bauchi state.

Well, the bombers have proven me wrong (is it just me or us all…*winks) by attacking another church (God’s chosen ministry) in Jos, plateau state. According to reports on local media, the explosion was an act of a suicide
bomber, who blew himself up outside the church.

There are unconfirmed reprots from premiumtimes newspapers that another explosion rocked another church in Biu, Borno state this morning. Reports say the gunmen arrived the church, spraying the congregation with bullets and killing and wounding many of them.

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“Three gunmen came to the premises of the church and started firing at
people outside the church before going into the main building to carry
on their killings … Many people have been killed and wounded,” said
witness Hamidu Wakawa, who was at the church in Biu Town, Borno state.
Our dear father in Heaven, come and fight for your children oh…these bombers and gumen must not go unpunished!

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