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80% of Internet users in Nigeria cannot do without facebook and Google for a day!!!

Facebook fans and users, a recent survey has shown that 80% of you (including me, *winks*) cannot go without facebook for more than 24 hours, that is, a day!(yeah i know, i am one of the 80%). Also, google is basically becoming a household name (lol#). Someone once said, “I wonder what would have become of students and online users if there were no google to give answers to everything

Here are some of the other interesting insights from this survey:

  • 44 out of every 100 Facebook users check their Facebook account even before brushing their teeth.
  • 30 percent of the people who deleted their Facebook profile due to frustration, ended up re-creating a new Facebook profile.

  • 92%
    percent admit that Facebook status updates are not helpful. Emotional
    song lyrics, fan page updates and pointless updates are more annoying
    than political status updates, baby photos and Facebook check-in
    location updates.
  • 65 percent would be embarrassed if other people could see the friends they check out most frequently on the site
  • Over
    50 percent of the respondents claim that they get annoyed when they are
    unable to see who the new significant other of an ex-girlfriend or
    ex-boyfriend is, due to the Facebook privacy settings.      So, how addicted are you to Facebook? How long can you survive without Facebooking? Share your ideas in the comments.
Tireni Adebayo

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