7 things guys notice about ladies on first meeting


Do you want to know what guys think of you, the very second they set their eyes on you! Most times, your first meetings with guys determine if you would be asked out or not!  *winks* 

“There are a few things men instantly
observe when they meet a woman,”
says Jackie Black, PhD, author of
Meeting Your Match. Learn what they
are and you can maximize your, um,
1. If Your Smile Is Genuine

Sometimes your eyes crinkle a bit when
you grin. Most men are good at distinguishing
the vibe of this kind of smile,
which says you’re relaxed and fun to be with.
2. Your Eyes
People focus on eyes more than they do
on any other body part. And dramatic
eye makeup will have him zeroing in on your
peepers even more

3. The Pitch of Your VoiceStudies show that men are drawn to
voices in a slightly higher register (like my voice, lolz#), probably because — yep,
evolution — they’re reliable signs of
youth and reproductive health.
4. Your Hip-to-Waist Ratio
Guys/Men instinctually look for baby mamas.
If your waist is noticeably smaller than
your hips, it signifies fertility — a huge
point in your favor. A wide belt will
emphasize that hourglass shape.
5. What’s Fake About You
Not personality-fake, but artificial-accoutrement-
fake: lashes, hair
extensions, etc. To guys, these things
shout high-maintenance! Not good.
6. Your Glowiness
Guys associate a radiant complexion
with good mental health. That’s
because stress and anxiety usually
cause breakouts and dull skin. So
those lotions and bronzers you sweep
over your cheeks? Totally worth it.

7. The Size of Your Group
You don’t want a big bunch (it’ll be hard
for him to approach)
or just one friend
(he’ll figure you wouldn’t desert her to
talk to him
). The perfect crew size?
Three. Your two buds can keep each
other company when you slip away.

Source: kemifilani.ng


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