3 things guys do that ladies hate!!!

We love our men, but sometimes they drive us crazy (especially with some ánnoying behaviour of theirs). No one is perfect but that doesn’t absolve our guys of some of their most
annoying behavior.

With that in mind, I put together some of the things even the
most love-crazy women can’t stand. Be sure to let me know what you think
and whether I missed any!

  1. Watching Tv or doing something else while we talk: We get it; maybe deciding what to wear for this weekend’s dinner party
    or discussing a friend’s problems isn’t all that exciting. But if
    we’re talking, you should be listening – not watching highlights from a
    sports game you’ve already seen. We know better than to interrupt a big game, but when it’s time to talk, please tear your eyes away from the screen.
  2. Telling embarrassing stories: If we do something
    embarrassing or that we don’t want you to share with the whole
    neighborhood, you shouldn’t be bringing it up every time you want to get
    a laugh. We know you think it’s funny, but maybe we’re still sensitive
    about the kitchen accident or accidently wearing a wrong oufit or the incident, please
    ask before you embarrass us further.
  3. Saying yes and then bailing out later: One of the most annoying things on our list is backing out of something
    you committed to – for no good reason. If you agreed to come with us to market or visit friends, it’s a date. Saying yes
    doesn’t mean maybe – it means yes.
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So even if you can’t stand the
thought of going wherever with us… if you said you were
coming, you’d better be ready when it’s time to go. So guys, always mean what you say and say what you mean! winks

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