Jackie Chan finally quits acting: says he is no longer physically fit

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Foremost Chinese actor, Jackie Chan has announced his retirement from
action roles in movies to play normal roles, citing old age and
increasing violence in the world.
The 58-year-old admitted he was ‘too old’ for his famed stunts and increasing violence in the world had put him off.
actor who made his name as a martial arts hero with a comic edge in
about 100 movies, made the announcement on Friday at the on-going Cannes
Film Festival.

Asked why he had decided to stop making action
films he said the physical strain had become too much, explaining that
he felt “really, really tired” and that “the world is too violent right now.”
Speaking at the launch of his new production Chinese Zodiac at the Cannes Film Festival, Chan said it would be his final performance as an action hero.
to the Chinese action hero “the world is too violent right now. It’s a
dilemma – I love fighting. I like action but I don’t like violence.”

has previously hinted that he would step back from action films, but he
confirmed at the movie festival that his decision is now final.
that he will still be acting for many years to come, the screen legend
said he wanted to take on more serious roles and emulate the success of
American actors such as Robert De Niro.
“I want the audience to know I am not just about fighting. I can also act.”
“I don’t just want to be an action star, I want to be a true actor. I want to get rid of my image” he said.
Chan has been a darling of Hollywood because of his comic approach to
martial arts, which always make huge success at the box office.
Chan had hits with the Police story, Rush Hour franchise, Rumble In The Bronx, and Shanghai Noon.
recently, he voiced Master Monkey in Kung Fu Panda and played a Mr
Miyagi- type mentor in the remake of The Karate Kid in 2010.
latest movie is the third in his Armour of God series, which sees his
character search for the ‘lost’ 12 bronze heads of the Chinese Zodiac.

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Jonathan now eats locally produced rice&bread made from cassava


President Goodluck Jonathan now eats locally produced rice and bread
made from cassava as part of efforts to encourage indigenous production
and stop capital flight, says Minister of Information Labaran Maku.(lolzzzzzz)

“The President is emphasising made in Nigeria products; if you go to the
President’s house today, he eats rice produced in Ebonyi State…Ofada Rice; the imported rice is not eaten in the
Presidential Villa…also there, he eats Cassava Bread that has just been introduced, which is saving Nigeria almost N300 billion in imports." Maku disclosed  in Abuja on Thursday at a Ministerial Platform.

The minister urged Nigerians to "patronise the things that are researched and produced here, the country will develop.”

According to him, Nigeria would develop only when Nigerians begin to patronise goods researched and manufactured locally.


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