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The good old days!!!

Stumbled on an article some hours ago and found something that reminded me of my childhood days. So I decided to come to share this:

Do you guys remember the good old days, the days when you played ‘police&thief’, ‘tinkotinko”,’lekeleke give me one finger’, ‘who’s in the garden’, ‘Boju boju’

The days when we had the habit of saying “Stop lying on my head ooh!” instead of ‘stop lying against me’
The days of pako biscuit, speedy biscuit, Okin biscuit, baba dudu, goodie-goodie (I miss it),Donkua(I think it’s still in existence), Trebor (is trebor still in the market?), the days when coaster biscuit comprised 12 pieces, Gongo, Sisi pelebe, ice water (lolzzz, ice water tutu re o), N5 lolipop….
Remember the days of ‘Ali is a boy, Simbi is a girl’, ‘Alawiye yoruba textbook’, Eze goes to school, Verbal aptitude books…the days of eleganza biro (I preferred it to Bic), Onward notebooksand the days of Power ranger cartoons, 7am saturday breakfast cartoon shows, Votrum, Tom&Jerry and the likes.  The days when we had adverts like MTN’ hello Uncle John (that kid was so cute, it was an advert I used to look forward especially during xmaz), Omo detergent ad where the fish woman says, oil go join am , im go stain my body..lolzz, the Peak advert where Kanu Nwankwo makes a grammatical error, winks*, lolzzzz, the Planta butter advert (children it’s breakfast time, planta…awwwwww)….
The days when we had soap peras like Passions, When U are mine (Mtchewwww, Paloma and Diego), Catalina and Sebastian, the gardner’s daughter, family circle, everyday people, Second chance (I loved Salvador, he’s so handsome),  I need to know(lolz,  that was Funke Akindele’s first appearance, she played Bisi ‘the good girl’)…
The days when girls plaited ‘Koroba, Suuku, half-parting, kolese, boys4lome… (Gosh, I can’t believe I made those hairstyles, lolz)

The list is endless, but at this junction, I would want you to share your experience too, the floor is opened. All u need do is to pass a comment, that is, sharing one of the experiences you remember about the good old days…….so we can all laugh over those times….*winks*

Tireni Adebayo

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