First impression tips for a first date

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When first meeting you, a man has his eyes wide open, evaluating your every move. From your look and how you rock it, to what you say and what you don’t – and virtually everything in between – he’s paying just as close attention to you as you are to him. He’s taking mental notes to determine if you are date eligible.

Here, as described by the guys themselves, are the biggest turn-ons and turn-offs that make the difference between a good first impression and a bad one.

  1. Dress the part you want to play:  Know that what you wear and how you wear it will be an indication of how a guy will treat you. Dress sexy, not slutty.
  2. “Be Bold/Daring: Twirling your hair and putting on lipstick in front of guys sometimes drives them crazy. It is a sign that you are either shallow or really insecure. Guys love women that are confident.
  3. Depart memorably: “Give a guy a firm hug and a nice kiss on the cheek at the end of your encounter. This will keep him focused until you meet up again.(It really works)
  4. Zip it (Don’t talk too much): Let your conversation be balanced. A lady that blabs on and on might probably never get a date with “some guys again”
  5. Temper the debates: Guys love a good spirited conversation, but a woman who starts arguing with them on meeting usually turns out a ‘turn-off”. This shows that she is overly aggressive and perhaps way too competitive.”

6. Have a sense of humor: Being able to make a guy laugh and laugh with him are very important ingredients for keeping a guy interested. Laughter is a bonding experience and if you can make him smile with your clever wit or sassy sarcasm, he’s likely to stick around. Don’t be afraid to show your funny side – making him laugh will make him want to keep spending time with you.

  1. Remember your pleases and thank yous: The number-one way to end a guy’s fantasies of being with you is by being impolite. I mean, come on: Is it really that hard to say ‘thank you’ when he buys you a drink or score you a seat at the bar?”

Love in the air: Funke Akindele finally finds her missing rib

Funke Akindele

After all the waiting and waiting and waiting, it appears that ace actress cum movie producer, Funke Akindele aka Jenifa has finally found her Mr right (I wonder why it took him so long to show up).

For those of you that would love to attend, their
engagement ceremony will hold May 26th 2012 in Lagos, while the heaven-on-earth wedding
proper will hold in December.

In an interview wit, Funke Akindele's manager cnfirmed the
news saying "the actress will indeed be getting married this year but
that of ‘May 26 is only a family-traditional introduction. We however
want it to be as private as possible"

There are reports that the 35-year-old bachelorette is engaged to a politician but time will tell *winks*

Akindele who has had a very successful career so far with her movies especially ‘The Return of Jenifa’ movie was sometime reported...


8 steps to get rid of your ‘boyfriend’

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Lolzzz! If you are tired of your boyfriend or you are dying to kick him to the curb, then here are 8 tricks to make him disappear. 
But be warned: These suggestions are potent. Use at your own risk! (*winks)

  1. Ask him if you're fat

a.) Ask him if your hips look big in your new skinny jeans

b.) Look at him expectantly.
c.) Depending on his answer, either accuse him of lying or burst into tears. That'll teach him that he can do nothing right! (lolzzzz)

2.  Say "I don't know" when he asks you what
want to do for dinner

  1. Point out his errors when he
    tries to...

70-year-old virgin says she’s finally ready for love: she wants a tall, dark handsome millionaire

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70-year-old virgin Pam Shaw says she is ready for love. (John Robertson/Barcroft Media /Landov)

It is shocking but true. Pam Shaw is one real-life woman that has managed to stay a virgin up to her 70th birthday. "I've never really been intimate
with a man, just a bit of kissing. I had a sexy stage name and dressed
sexy but that was all for my career," Pam Shaw told Yahoonews.

 Pam Shaw added that "Now's
the time. I'm ready to take the plunge for the right bloke…My standards are still very high, though. I'm hoping to
bag a tall, dark and handsome millionaire."
Shaw says she doesn't believe in
sex before marriage and has been too busy with her career as a cabaret
dance to settle down. "I feel I am ready to give marriage...

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