7 Things every woman should demand from a man

woman should demand from a man

Each woman has her own completely legitimate set of criteria but there are certain conditions beyond honesty,
respect and good communication (the basis of any relationship
foundation) that every woman, no matter what your taste in men, deserves
to have in her life’s co-pilot. 
Here’s a checklist for what you should
demand from your man.

 1. His number One (Prioritization): No matter how in-demand your man is, you should be No. 1 on his speed
dial, and never should he bypass a call from you for someone else. It
is key for you to know that you can count on him for anything and
everything, always. This doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have a life
— he should. It just means that he should be looking out for yours.  
2.  Butterflies in your tummy: When apart for a few hours or a few weeks, for no pinpointable reason,
reconnecting with your man ought to give you the butterflies in your tummy feeling even
after countless kisses, unlimited hand-holds and hugs galore. Maintaining the butterfly feeling is proof that your guy is putting
forth the effort to keep romance alive.

  3. A Grown up: A healthy relationship begins with two people who come together already
completed, mature and ready for the great responsibilities that come
with love. Simply, it is not a woman’s job to raise her man. Your Mr.
Right should not rely on you to be his life mechanic — you’re not there
to fix his financial, psychological or emotional problems. He needs to be solid and
whole to be a strong support system for you.

  1. To feel special: Assuming you are putting in the effort to maintain your appearance, it
    is your man’s duty to lust after you – to remind you that you’ve got it
    going on. From complimenting you on an outfit to noticing a new haircut
    to a for-no-reason-at-all “you are so beautiful” reminder message, your
    guy should make you feel gorgeous.
  2. Freedom is an excellent indicator that your man trusts you. Freedom
    comes in many forms – freedom to explore a new career, freedom to be alone etc – all of which
    circle back to your man trusting your decisions and giving you space for
    your own growth.
  1. Belly laugh/Humour: Your man doesn’t need to be a stand-up comedian but he should be able
    to spike your days with a dose of laughter. Life can be hard, and your
    guy needs to be someone who is dedicated to turning your cloudy days
    blindingly sunny. We all know laughter is the best medicine, and having
    it as a primary ingredient in a relationship recipe is critical to its
    short- and long-term health.
  2. Patience/generousity/consideration:  These are the triplets of kindness, each one of equal importance.
    Patience means he can deal with tension calmly and productively, looking
    at life’s challenges as opportunities to teach and to learn. Generosity
    of mind, spirit, heart, wealth, time – anything you want to share – your guy must want to share equally with you. And finally,
    your man should be considerate of your feelings, your time and your
    goals. He should be considerate of how his decisions impact you.
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So, my dear readers, smiley face, take these demands onto your mirror and use them as affirmations. The
right man will come along when you have the courage to stand your
ground. Hey, it’s your life and your every happiness, right? winks


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